I am married to my wife, Rosana, the father to a beautiful daughter and an Amazon best-selling author to the Born & Discovering Why series and course. Also, I am a Liberty University alumni with a degree in Life Coaching and I’m currently completing my Masters in Professional Counseling.

I have been greatly influenced by Dr. Myles Munroe, who was an international best selling author, business & government consultant and founder of Bahamas Faith Ministries International. At this moment, I am being mentored by Dr. Pepe Ramnath who was a mentee of Dr. Myles Munroe for 25 years.

My vision is to assist people in overcoming any limitations or hindrances to their personal self-discovery and purpose.


I would love the opportunity for us to connect at no charge to discuss your vision, your expectations and to see whether we are a good fit for one another.


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